This fall Say Anything and Saves the Day teamed up on a tour of nostalgia, a 10-year anniversary and 15-year anniversary tour for “…Is A Real Boy” and “Through Being Cool” respectively. The inner 90’s kid in me was excited even when this tour was still a floating rumor. When else would I get to hear “Spidersong” and “My Sweet Fracture” live in the same night?

Saves the Day came out fast with All-Star Me and continued to play song after song from TBC all the way till the end. It never ceases to amaze me how much those songs mean to their fans.  Oh, did you think Saves The Day was only going to play TBC songs?  Just when you thought their set was going to be over they started playing even more fan favorites like A Drag In D Flat and, my all time favorite, This Is Not An Exit. 

The classic comical scene from “I Love You Man”, when Paul Rudd’s fiancé gets mad at him for being too engaged with Jason Segel at the Rush concert is exactly what I saw from endless groups of friends singing in each others faces for the remainder of Saves The Day’s set. 

Not a lot of time passed before “And the record begins with a song of rebellion” blared through the speakers and Say Anything lit the place up with their fast-paced opener, Belt. Say Anything followed suit by playing their record from front to back with some other classics to finish off the night. I mean what kind of Say Anything show would it have had been if they didn’t play “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too”? 



This was one of my most anticipated concerts of 2014 and it did held its ground. I have been fortunate to shoot Saves The Day a few times this past year but it was my first time shooting for Say Anything. I’m glad I was able to produce one of my favorite live photos during Say Anything.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Chris Connelly came out and sang “Every Man Has A Molly” with Max Bemis?